GRESOL International-American School, the first school with international management in Vallès Occidental

The GRESOL International-American School project is based on offering quality international education, and in its strong commitment to this, the school has worked hard to constitute an international leadership. Thus, from next year, there will be a change in the direction of the school, becoming Ms. Alison MacDonald the new Principal School. In this way, Gresol School will become the first educational center to have an international director in Vallès Occidental.

Ms. Alison MacDonald is a professional with proven experience that meets all the personal and professional requirements necessary to take the school one step further and achieve educational excellence. Of English origin, Ms. MacDonald has more than ten years of experience working as a Principal School in different countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Besides her extensive professional knowledge, Ms. Alison MacDonald has top-level training in England, Australia, and the United States in different disciplines and branches of education, including specialization in the International Baccalaureate.

Her experience and training make Ms. Alison Macdonald an expert in the leadership, direction, and administration of international school programs and the ideal candidate to lead to Gresol School at the highest levels. With the addition of Ms. Alison MacDonaldGRESOL International-American School will continue our work with Cognia, demonstrating and maintaining our commitment to continuous improvement and high-performance learning outcomes.

In her first words as the new director of the center, Ms. Alison MacDonald stated that “with hard work and dedication, from all members of the school community, our goal will be to continue meeting and exceeding standards, which will result in a valuable recognition of excellence”. Likewise, he added that “we are a school that is full of optimism about its future and offers the best opportunities for our students.”

With this new valuable addition, Gresol School will become the first educational center in the Vallès Occidental to have an international address, following the school’s commitment to international education of the highest quality. Gresol works incessantly to offer the best at an educational level for those parents who trust us.

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