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Ms. Alicia Amate, vocation as a teacher to help students

One of our last incorporations to our fabulous team is Ms. Alicia Amate. She is from Spain, and after getting her degree in Philosophy and Science in Education at the University of Barcelona, she started to work with students who needed help. And, from then, she has not stopped, gaining fantastic experience teaching and being an excellent professional.


Why did you want to be a teacher?

Teaching is essential for me: I think education is necessary for people, for feeling free and independent.

What have you learned working as a teacher from the students?

Listening to the students is necessary for teaching well. They taught me to correct better, marked the incorrect answer, and why. I learned that explanations are better when accompanied by examples. They showed me that to believe in them is important and to give them several opportunities is essential.

What do you think is the indispensable key to being a teacher at those ages?

You have to be a patient and understanding person, but also you must show them the rules, where the limits are.

Why work at Gresol?

GRESOL International-American School is an opportunity for me. It will allow me to improve, and it means that I can keep studying and learning. It is a school where the students are polite and listen to the teacher. Its methodology is interesting.

What would you highlight about the education given at Gresol?

I am a teacher because I like to teach. I like to see my students grow up and to see their surprised faces when they understand what you explain. I believe in education.

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