Ms. Paqui Sabidó: patience, energy, and joy.

Ms. Paqui Sabidó has immense experience working with boys and girls ages 0-3 for 35 years. She has been part of our team for many years, being a fundamental part of the Gresol Community and the project. She explains that she is very proud of being part of this educational project. We would like you to know more about her with this interview:


Why did you want to be a teacher?
My job is super vocational. From a very young age, I knew that I wanted to dedicate myself to working with children. I am very pleased to have achieved it.

As a Pk1 and Pk1 teacher, what can you tell us about being a teacher at these ages?
I highlight the opportunity to see the changes that they experiment with at these ages.

What do you think is the indispensable key to be a teacher with kids that young?
I think it is essential to be a person with a lot of patience, energy, and joy.

What would you highlight about the education given at Gresol?
Regarding Gresol’s education, I would highlight the importance they give to the English. Nowadays, it is an essential language, and it allows children to function very well in situations that require this language in the future.

If you have to explain why bringing the children to Gresol, what would you say?
I would take my daughter to Gresol from an early age so that she could learn the English language, especially pronunciation, to have a good level tomorrow.

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