Science Week at GIAS!

From 22nd to 26th of November, GIAS celebrated Science Week, where our students did different activities and experiments related to science. The best way to learn is by doing, experimenting with multiple activities and roles. During the week, the students were teachers, made dissections, played games, and did experiments to raise awareness of the importance of science and promote its practice. In addition, they enjoyed a trip to CosmoCaixa, the Science Museum in Barcelona.

One of the most remarkable activities was the IB students being teachers and teaching G4 about the cardiovascular system, using hearts to investigate and make a dissection. The students of G9 also were teachers, but in this case, to explain the lungs to the students of G5. Two fantastic and complete activities to learn by doing.

On the other hand, Elementary School students had the wonderful opportunity to visit the CosmoCaixa science museum as part of our celebrations for Science Week. They got the chance to engage in various interactive and hands-on science displays like the sandstorm simulation or plasma globe. The exhibits covered a wide range of topics such as the universe and the big bang or human evolution. As well as this, students could experience what life is like in Antarctica and walk through a flooded rainforest, containing indigenous plant and animal species. An amazing experience for an amazing Science Week!

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