Gresol School: A world of extracurricular activities

Gresol International-American School offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities during school hours that serve as an excellent complement for the development of our students. In addition, all activities are carried out during school hours, never after.

The extracurricular school program offers a variety of activities from Gresol Kids through High School. Our ECA are designed to inspire students, enhance learning, develop skills and foster new friendships. 

The activities are taught by teachers from the school and experienced specialists, for better complementary development of the school activity.

1. Our extracurricular activities

Within GRESOL International-American School we have a good list of extracurricular activities.

1. Extracurricular sports

As for extracurricular activities related to sports, we offer soccer, baseball, volleyball, football, tennis, and fun playground. It has been proven that practicing more than one sport at an early age contributes to the experience of knowledge of the same game. And it is also funny. Thus, we reduce the competitive pressure and highlight the educational and recreational side. 

As for other disciplines, we offer extracurricular music activities to learn to play an instrument and reinforce attention, concentration, perseverance, and discipline, improving mental agility and creativity and increasing self-confidence and motivation. 

We also introduce dance through figure skating, creative dance, and the possibility of training as a Cheerleader.

2. Extracurricular Robotics

Other extracurricular activities are related to STEM. Through this activity, children will learn the language of the 21st century, the language of programming. Robotics, drones, and 3D printing will be essential requirements for the future and will allow them to develop skills such as problem-solving, communication, digital skills, creativity, and teamwork.

3. Extracurricular Languages

Finally, we also offer the possibility to learn German as an extracurricular activity within school hours. The extracurricular German classes are a reinforcement for the subject taught as part of the curriculum at our school.

2. Gresol school: bilingual school with extra-curricular activities in English

GRESOL International-American School is a private school with a global vision and multicultural thinking. We promote the learning of arts, sciences, music, and technology both through classes and extracurricular activities

Gresol International-American School is part of a platform of international projects that broadens our vision and internationalizes it. A project strengthened and consolidated thanks to our recent successes.
Finally, at Gresol, we believe that learning a second or third foreign language is a priority for the education of our sons and daughters. Therefore, we always seek that our students learn in a school with a bilingual education model, where extracurricular activities are encouraged, and these ECA always take place within school hours.

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