At Gresol School, we have the objective of helping its students to enhance all their talent through methodologies such as Learning by Doing, learning through experience, going beyond instruction, and memorization.


Early years

In the Early Years, ages 1 to 5, children develop their basic skills while exploring the world around them. We offer activities that encompass all aspects of children’s learning: Language and literacy; Cognitive and creative skills; Performing Arts; Social and emotional development.


At this stage, our students are encouraged to communicate effectively, think critically, cooperate, and collaborate constructively in a warm and nurturing environment. Our teaching approach is based on the idea of student-centered learning, motivating our children into a curious mind.

Middle school

Through diverse and transversal didactic content and strategies, we work on effective communication in several languages ​​and the promotion of lifelong learning.

International Baccalaureate

The objective of the International Baccalaureate programs is to offer more advantages than the other curricula and train students that are inquiring, informed, well-educated, supportive, and motivated to succeed.