Early Years

We provide a stimulating and focused program in cognitive and creative development.

In the Early Years stage, children develop their basic skills as they explore the world around them. We offer activities that encompass all aspects of children’s learning

100% immersion
in English

English is the vehicular language of all subjects and is taught by native teachers.

Emphasis on science and technology

Gresol students will not only have a native English level but will also speak the language of the 21st century: technology.

International environment 

International education with greater cultural wealth and agreements with international institutions.

Early Years program


We place a strong emphasis on English Language acquisition, following an educational methodology based on Jolly Phonics and starting the Guided Reading Program, both of these being child-centered approaches to teaching literacy.


Our Learning Centers also provide them with the opportunity to explore their areas of interest at their own pace. The centers, while rotating and evolving, always take into consideration the eight multiple intelligences.

Visual Arts

The Arts Program includes key notions from the Reggio-Emilia approach. Providing different opportunities, our children explore, play, investigate, experiment with ideas, materials, and processes. Thus, developing an awareness of arts, they appreciate both creative experiences and the environment. We provide guided play and hands-on experiences.

Performing Arts – Music

The Music Program starts in the first year to stimulate sensitivity and self-discipline. This learning opportunity helps children in all areas of development, such as language skills, creativity, physical maturity, and so on.

House System

A House System is in place throughout the school to encourage and increase a good sense of competition while creating a supportive environment. Each child is allocated to a House throughout their school career. And siblings and other family members are also assigned to the same House.

Nursery program

At Gresol Kids, we provide the tools for full creative development. Sounds, colors, rhythms, and timbres are associated with an innovative method of musical stimulation and playing. And that contributes to enhancing emotional intelligence. Gresol Kids provides an environment of safety, happiness, and constant stimulation. English is the language used, so children accustom to its sonority and familiarise themselves with it. Learning English promotes multilingualism in their future academic careers.