Elementary School

At Gresol we work to offer quality education at this stage, under conditions of equity and with the guarantee of equal opportunities.

At this stage, we encourage students to communicate effectively, to be critical thinkers, to cooperate and collaborate constructively, in a warm environment. The educational approach is based on the idea of ​​student-centered learning, awakening their curious mind. Therefore, educational experiences are engaging, relevant, challenging, and meaningful to the school community.


In Elementary, the curriculum is aligned with the US Common Core and tailored to the needs of our students: English (ELA); Visual and Performing Arts; Personal, social, emotional, and physical education; Sciences; Social Sciences; Math.

100% immersion in English

English is the vehicular language of all subjects and is taught by native teachers.

Emphasis on science and technology

Gresol students will not only have a native English level but will also speak the language of the 21st century: technology.

International environment

International education with greater cultural wealth and agreements with international institutions.

Elementary School Program


We continue to focus on English Language acquisition based on Jolly Phonics and the Guided Reading Program. We emphasize spelling and challenge our students to develop their writing skills. They substantially improve their communication skills, boosting them toward a high-quality education.

Arts Program

Our Arts Program also stimulates the art experience. The main goal is to ensure our students develop their creative skills while making art and enjoying the art of other people and cultures, as these are of importance for the full development of the child.

Music Program

In Elementary, the Music Program aligns with the curriculum of the official Elementary Grade of Music. Children have the opportunity to learn while playing an orchestral string instrument. Thanks to this program, our children cultivate their sensibility, increase their hand-eye coordination, organize their thoughts and even improve their reading, math skills, and teamwork.

Physical Education

Children, by nature, are very active physically and enjoy adventure activities. Our Sports Program includes this fundamental characteristic while developing an appreciation for good health, general wellbeing, and physical fitness. Thus, our students acquire skills, knowledge, and attitudes linked to the lifelong learning values, and they also gain self-reliance and self-discipline. The program includes football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and athletics.

STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths

STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) are drivers of innovation that help our children to become fearless problem-solvers and critical thinkers while fostering their creativity. Through our Cross-curricular Technology Program, we promote the integration of technology into active learning and the teaching processes.