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Summer Camp 2022

The Gresol Summer Camp is back, for boys and girls from 3 to 12 years old. From June 27 to July 22, with different time options, from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., with lunch included. Summer Camp is divided into themed weeks: Robotics, Art, Music, Science and Cooking! Activities complemented by the practice of sports and water activities.

The best way to practice English while having fun

SPACE TECHIES (1st, 2nd, and 3rd week)

Robotics for our students from 6 to 12 years old. This NEW activity will be running for the first three weeks of the summer camp namely the 27th of June to the 15th of July. Teachers supervising this activity will be Mr. Richard Michael and Mr. Miguel Clemente.

It is a modern activity that will teach your child game development, Lego Robotics, and coding, or further their skills in coding. Your child will develop their skills, flex their creativity, and gain experience of the latest tools from Epic Games, LEGO Roblox.

ART, MUSIC & SCIENCE SUMMER CAMP (1st, 2nd, and 3rd week)

Whilst the older kids are engaged with Space Techies, the small ones and those who prefer these other activities, will be enthralled with funny classes of ART (1st week), MUSIC (2nd week) and SCIENCE (3rd week). During the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd week all the students will be practicing Baseball, Basketball, American Football alongside having fun in the sun playing water games.


During this week all the students will have lots of fun Cooking, playing Soccer, and partaking in water games. Cooking week is for children that enjoy staying in the kitchen, the cooking week is an ideal way of spending their summer holiday. These days will allow young chefs to indulge in their passion for food preparation. The main goal is to have fun, make new friends, and acquire valuable kitchen experience. Kids will have fun preparing meals (bread, cookies, salads, fruit desserts, milkshakes), and eating them as well.

Register at: https://forms.gle/qPZSVray1X2RgdJw8

We are in the process of new enrollments for the next academic year 2022/2023. Book your personalized visit to our school here.


Gresol School: A world of extracurricular activities

Gresol International-American School offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities during school hours that serve as an excellent complement for the development of our students. In addition, all activities are carried out during school hours, never after.

The extracurricular school program offers a variety of activities from Gresol Kids through High School. Our ECA are designed to inspire students, enhance learning, develop skills and foster new friendships. 

The activities are taught by teachers from the school and experienced specialists, for better complementary development of the school activity.

1. Our extracurricular activities

Within GRESOL International-American School we have a good list of extracurricular activities.

1. Extracurricular sports

As for extracurricular activities related to sports, we offer soccer, baseball, volleyball, football, tennis, and fun playground. It has been proven that practicing more than one sport at an early age contributes to the experience of knowledge of the same game. And it is also funny. Thus, we reduce the competitive pressure and highlight the educational and recreational side. 

As for other disciplines, we offer extracurricular music activities to learn to play an instrument and reinforce attention, concentration, perseverance, and discipline, improving mental agility and creativity and increasing self-confidence and motivation. 

We also introduce dance through figure skating, creative dance, and the possibility of training as a Cheerleader.

2. Extracurricular Robotics

Other extracurricular activities are related to STEM. Through this activity, children will learn the language of the 21st century, the language of programming. Robotics, drones, and 3D printing will be essential requirements for the future and will allow them to develop skills such as problem-solving, communication, digital skills, creativity, and teamwork.

3. Extracurricular Languages

Finally, we also offer the possibility to learn German as an extracurricular activity within school hours. The extracurricular German classes are a reinforcement for the subject taught as part of the curriculum at our school.

2. Gresol school: bilingual school with extra-curricular activities in English

GRESOL International-American School is a private school with a global vision and multicultural thinking. We promote the learning of arts, sciences, music, and technology both through classes and extracurricular activities

Gresol International-American School is part of a platform of international projects that broadens our vision and internationalizes it. A project strengthened and consolidated thanks to our recent successes.
Finally, at Gresol, we believe that learning a second or third foreign language is a priority for the education of our sons and daughters. Therefore, we always seek that our students learn in a school with a bilingual education model, where extracurricular activities are encouraged, and these ECA always take place within school hours.


School trip to Cambrils

Last week, from Wednesday to Friday, students from G9 to G12 enjoyed a trip to Cambrils, to Camping Joan, at the end of the second semester. Few days full of activities and where they could be all together, creating good relationships and comradeship. 

Among all the activities that our students did, they practiced many water activities such as bodyboarding and canoeing. At the beach, they also practiced baseball, soccer, and running. They were also able to do many other indoor activities. As a result, we had fun with a great atmosphere!


Letters to Saint John’s

Following on from our first successful connection with the St. John’s students, our focus was to get to know each other a little bit better by starting up a penpal system and writing letters to each other!

Our students received some great letters from the students in the U.K and worked really hard to create imaginative, thoughtful and creative responses of their own. In a world dominated by technology, it has been nice for the children to participate in a more old-fashioned form of communication, and we can’t wait to receive our next set of responses so we can continue to practice our English writing skills!

Well done to all the students who participated, and thanks to the St. John’s students for their excellent letters!


Lego Education: learning Robotics

In GIAS our students of Middle and High School are now learning the combination of the intuitive lego brick system using Micro:bit code which allows our students to learn codes, computational thinking, and engineering principles.

Thus allowing our students to develop essential skills such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. In the first session we have acquired their attention and focus in this cross-curricular activity.

saint johns_1

Exchange programme between Gresol and St. John’s in the UK

Gresol International-American School is branching out! Welcome to the first in a series of posts about our ongoing partnership with St. John’s College in Portsmouth, U.K.

For our first live class, our Grade 6 and 7 groups made initial contact, getting the chance to give a presentation to their counterparts in England, and being able to participate in a question and answer session afterwards.

The students had the chance to chat to each other about topics such as school life, food, weather and sports, and we look forward to collaborating further with St. John’s as the year progresses.

Well done and congratulations to all students involved for their enthusiasm, preparation and hard work!.


Collaboration agreement with University of León for a course on Cybersecurity at High School

We are very proud to inform that GRESOL has signed a collaboration agreement with the Mathematics Department of the University of León, which was the first Spanish university to offer a Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity together with INCIBE.

As a result of this agreement, GRESOL will offer our high school students a course on cybersecurity for young people during school hours. The main objectives of this course are:

-To provide an overview of the cybersecurity approach from a technological, occupational and industrial perspective.

-To make young people aware of the interdisciplinary nature of cybersecurity.

-To enable young people to acquire basic concepts of cybersecurity before pursuing higher education or entering the workforce.

-To offer the first contact with work methodologies and knowledge exposure common in university teaching.


“Our students become responsible citizens that create a better world”

Interview with Alison MacDonald, Principal of Gresol International-American School, in the newspaper supplement “Aula. How to choose a school (and get it right)” by La Vanguardia.

Gresol International-American School is an international school, with a global vision and the promotion of scientific, technological and artistic knowledge as a premise.

How would you define Gresol International-American School?

We are an international school, with a global vision, offering a broad and balanced international curriculum through immersion in English. It is our belief that our students need to be active participants in their own learning. Our focus is on developing our students as well-rounded citizens of the world, both socially and academically. We inspire our students to be lifelong learners who contribute positively to a diverse and changing world.

How can you accredit your educational excellence?

As a school we have the prestigious COGNIA and International Baccalaureate accreditations. COGNIA recognition is based upon a set of rigorous research-based standards and evidence-based criteria. Moreover, we have links with educational institutes in the US and the UK. Our students and teachers are, on a regular basis, afforded the opportunity to meet and collaborate with international students online, so they can further develop their English proficiency and presentational skills.

What sets Gresol International-American School apart?

We Educate the whole student. We achieve this by embracing a caring classroom culture. We don’t just focus on cognitive development but all four areas of development: emotional development, cognitive development, physical development, and social development.

Our mission within Gresol International-American School is to develop, inquiring, knowledgeable and caring individuals with a strong work ethic and empathy for others. Our students are open-minded, and promote honesty, integrity and respect. In turn, our students become responsible citizens that create a better, more peaceful world by being active participants in our society.

What courses are taught at Gresol International-American School?

We offer all education to all ages. Our youngest students who are part of our Early Years Program are 1 year old with our oldest students completing the International Baccalaureate Diploma in Grade 12.

As a school, we follow the US Common Core State Standards, whilst ensuring our students also meet the requirements for ESO in Grade 10 by offering Catalan Language and Spanish from an early age. The US Common Core State Standards promotes student independence in learning. Students learn to construct effective arguments, convey information, ask relevant questions and seek out resources. The Common Core State Standards prepare ALL students for college and career success.

What makes the International Baccalaureate different and why does it stand out?

In essence, through their programmes, the IB encourages students of all ages to think critically and challenge assumptions thus creating knowledgeable and caring young people whom are motivated to succeed.

Our school mission and vision within GIAS emulates that of the International Baccalaureate aiming to develop students whom respect and co-exist with other cultures whilst emulating self-confidence. As a school community we have a set of values based upon mutual trust, and shared responsibility combined with a strong work ethic. Our students display honesty, integrity, respect with an open-mindedness allowing them to become responsible citizens creating a better future for themselves.

All of the skills developed throughout the cohort program aid the students to be more prepared to succeed at the university level. Additionally, due to the fact that the IB is recognized worldwide, students may have more opportunities to be accepted to the college or university of their choice.

One of the great strengths of the school is its location and facilities, why?

We have views of the mountains and neighbouring forests. Teachers as well as students take advantage of the environment and provide a unique and enriching experience; teaching and learning happens both indoors and outdoors ensuring a safe and healthy environment. We are not an urban school, we are a school situated on the edge of a natural park next to La Mola, that provides ample green space guaranteeing a safe environment for our students especially during the current pandemic.

How would you define the teaching staff at Gresol International-American School?

We are the only school in the area that not only has recognition as a foreign centre, but also unique in the fact that we have an international Headmistress with vast international experience as the Director of our school. Our teachers come from across the globe, providing the backbone of our international community. They are as unique as our students; all bringing with them vast international experience and a wealth of knowledge utilizing our fully aligned international curriculum that utilises research-based world-renowned pedagogical practice.

The extracurricular activities at GIAS take place in the middle of the day, during school hours. How does this benefit families?

Our extracurricular activities provide students with opportunities to pursue their passions and develop their talents. As our ECAs take place during school hours, this means students are free to go home at the end of the day and spend quality time with their families and friends. We believe these social interactions are vital to the development of all our students.

Additionally, once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, GIAS will be able to extend our ECA activities beyond our normal school timetable allowing the opportunity for our students, parents, and the local community to partake in our extended sports activities and new technology and creative based ECA’s.


Science Week at GIAS!

From 22nd to 26th of November, GIAS celebrated Science Week, where our students did different activities and experiments related to science. The best way to learn is by doing, experimenting with multiple activities and roles. During the week, the students were teachers, made dissections, played games, and did experiments to raise awareness of the importance of science and promote its practice. In addition, they enjoyed a trip to CosmoCaixa, the Science Museum in Barcelona.

One of the most remarkable activities was the IB students being teachers and teaching G4 about the cardiovascular system, using hearts to investigate and make a dissection. The students of G9 also were teachers, but in this case, to explain the lungs to the students of G5. Two fantastic and complete activities to learn by doing.

On the other hand, Elementary School students had the wonderful opportunity to visit the CosmoCaixa science museum as part of our celebrations for Science Week. They got the chance to engage in various interactive and hands-on science displays like the sandstorm simulation or plasma globe. The exhibits covered a wide range of topics such as the universe and the big bang or human evolution. As well as this, students could experience what life is like in Antarctica and walk through a flooded rainforest, containing indigenous plant and animal species. An amazing experience for an amazing Science Week!

Gresol Batx

IB, a student-centered teaching style

GRESOL International-American School is an accredited school to offer the International Baccalaureate, a higher education for our students that thoroughly prepares them with innovative methods, which opens the doors to the most prestigious universities. We have already explained what the IB is, as well as the many advantages it offers. But what is the teaching style that is the base of the International Baccalaureate?

The education in accredited IB schools around the world is based on some strengths:

  • System totally centered on the student.
  • Effective teaching and learning approaches are developed.
  • Education takes place within global contexts, including international languages ​​and cultures.
  • Meaningful content is explored, developing a disciplinary and interdisciplinary understanding that meets rigorous international standards.

These strengths are complemented by more systems and innovative learning methodologies, besides the fact that each center also has its structure and teaching system based on different principles. In Gresol’s case, the educational method focuses on immersion in English, science, technology, and the arts. In addition, Gresol has a clear commitment to essential values, such as respect, teamwork, empathy, or work ethic.

Objective: to help explore and build identities

The education of the International Baccalaureate uses dynamic cycles of inquiry, action, and reflection to help students and schools transform during learning. It seeks to enhance the students’ capacity as the learning approaches necessary to achieve academic and personal success are developed. The goal is always, in the end, to empower students to explore, inquire, and be curious; In addition, they can build their own personal and cultural identities.

To this purpose, teaching the International Baccalaureate has a shared educational philosophy, celebrating the many ways in which people work together to construct meaning and understand the world. The IB empowers young people for lifelong learning, at all levels, and in all forms, either individually or in collaboration with others. This is also because of the shared values that founded the IB education, such as solidarity, reflection, or open-mindedness.