GRESOL International-American School focuses all its efforts on offering an ideal environment for its students, with continuous cleaning and disinfection and taking all hygienic measures

Opening plan

Here you can check the school’s plan to open again, following the indications published by the Education Department.

Health protocols
and measures

Health protocol

“Good Practice Guideline” and measures for the displacement, during the time in GIAS and after leaving school. We follow the WHO recommendations and the corresponding authorities.


In-depth cleaning and disinfection. Cleaning will continue daily, with emphasis given in the common areas. Hydroalcoholic gels and disposable handkerchiefs available in all areas. The use of a mask is compulsory.


If you detect any symptoms associated with COVID-19 or have been in close contact with a person who suffered COVID-19, you must not attend school. Staff members part of a high-risk group must notify their Head.


Choose the way to arrive at school that best guarantees interpersonal distance. We recommend individual transport. The use of a mask is compulsory when traveling in public transport.

Access to school

It is compulsory to enter the facilities through the main reception area, to use the hydroalcoholic gel, to disinfect your shoes, and to have your temperature taken. No one can access the facilities to accompany students.

Preventive measures

The use of the mask will be mandatory as long as the interpersonal distance cannot be kept. Hand hygiene must be carried out every 2 hours. The use of individual necessary material is recommended as far as possible.

Use of spaces

Comply with the allowed capacity limit in common workspaces, respecting the recommended interpersonal distance. Students, families, visits, and external services are allowed to use the outdoor areas, always accompanied by GIAS staff.

Future measures

In addition to place immediate measures, when opening our facilities in June and July, we are also working to be perfectly prepared for our come back in September.