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Fall activities at Gresol

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Would you like to know which were the activities fall activities we organized last October? At Gresol, in addition to offering a very good experience in education, we like to organize different types of activities for our students to enjoy while they learn, and to share great moments with their classmates, teachers and families. During the last weeks, we have organized different activities related to autumn: we have played baseball, we have organized a cake contest, we have eaten chestnuts, we have celebrated Halloween, we have organized a costume contest, we have prepared a solidarity cookie sale… Do you want to know what the autumn activities of Colegio Gresol have consisted of? We’ll tell you about it below!

Autumn festival

One of the fall activities we organized at Colegio Gresol was the Autumn festival, which took place on October 21st. It was a most enjoyable festival, which included a wide variety of games. We held different baseball and soccer games, in which not only our students, but also their families and teachers participated. We also organized a face painting activity and prepared a snack for all attendees.

In addition, the school also organized a cake contest. From among the ten cakes that were submitted, the winner was the ‘Apple Cinnamon Spice Cake’, submitted by a mother from the PK3 course. Second prize went to ‘Adam’s temptation’ cake, and third prize went to ‘Autumn forest’. A fourth prize was also awarded to a student from the G5 course, who presented the ‘Autumn cake’.

It was a very entertaining event that allowed the students, their families and the entire teaching staff to spend a very pleasant afternoon together, getting to know each other much better and sharing fun activities such as sports, for example.

On the other hand, G12 students sold chestnuts as part of their first “ambassador program” project. This is a series of entrepreneurship projects carried out by IB students as part of a subject called CAS (creativity, activity and service). The projects they will carry out will allow them to raise funds for various charities, and the different activities of the “ambassador program” are intended to help them obtain the necessary funding to start developing these projects.

Solidarity cookie sale

Another of the fall activities that we organized last October was a solidarity sale of cookies, which were prepared by our students. On October 26, during playground time, the G2 students sold delicious shortbread cookies that had different Halloween-inspired shapes.

The aim of this charity sale was to raise money for Sunflower Seeds Ukraine. It is an association whose mission is to save lives in Ukraine by providing medical assistance and protective equipment to small groups of defenders, as well as humanitarian assistance to affected civilians.

The event was a great success, as all the cookies were sold out. Thanks to the collaboration of all the people who participated, we were able to raise 130 € for the association Sunflower Seeds Ukraine. These types of solidarity projects, besides allowing us to help people in need, are a way for children to learn very important values.

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Visit of María Castañera

On Friday, October 28th, students from PK2 to Kindergarten received a lovely visit from María Castañera, who brought chestnuts straight from the mountains! It was a very fun date, in which Maria explained her life story, and they also sang and danced together to several songs.

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Halloween Party

The Halloween party was a school activity organized for the students that was also held on Friday 28th. The students came to school in some amazing costumes, some of them very scary, and some of them very funny. In addition, the teachers also dressed up!

We also had a costume parade on the soccer field, where we were able to admire the students’ amazing Halloween costumes. A costume contest was held and a winner was chosen in each grade, from PK2 to G6.

On the other hand, as a modified version of the famous “trick or treat”, students from each grade, from PK3 to G6, prepared a song or poem related to Halloween, and performed it in different places around the school. Parties were also held in the different classrooms, which had previously been decorated with Halloween-themed decorations that the children had brought in. Finally, middle and high school students had the opportunity to participate in a pumpkin decorating contest, with which an exhibition was held.

All in all, it was a very fun party, with music, laughter, original costumes and themed activities related to Halloween.

At Gresol we want our students to be curious, to be responsible citizens, to take care of the environment, to respect other cultures, to be honest, to have empathy… and, of course, to share great moments with their classmates and enjoy learning.


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