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The best American restaurants in Barcelona

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In this new USA Curiosa article, we invite you to take a culinary journey through the best American restaurants in Barcelona. Those that will allow you to immerse yourself in its flavors and delight yourself with its exquisite typical dishes, without having to take a plane and only a few kilometers away. So if you want to discover the ranking of the best 5, continue reading because in GRESOL we tell you what they are.

What are the typical American dishes?

Before we dive into the ranking of restaurants, we would like to mention some particularities of American food. The gastronomy of this continent corresponds to a quite varied and eclectic mix, as a result of immigrants from different countries of Europe, Asia and Africa, which make up its culture. In this way, they were incorporating their traditions, which merge and give life to their local gastronomy.

So it becomes quite complicated to define the typical elements of American cuisine. But it goes without saying that it is not only composed of hamburgers and hot dogs, although fast food is the best known and the one that has settled more easily, there are other dishes that represent it. Such as smoked beef, fried chicken, pork ribs with barbecue sauce, philly cheese steak or macaroni and cheese.

Top 5 of the best American restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe that, on the one hand, stands out for its art, cultural spaces and gothic architecture. And on the other hand, for its gastronomic proposal, since in this city you can find a wide range of options, from different countries and for all tastes. 

As you may know, American culture has spread all over the world, and of course Barcelona is no exception. Several restaurants serving typical and imported food from the United States have been established here. And in this ranking you will discover the best American restaurants, those that you cannot miss if you are in this city. Take note!

Peggy Sue’s

Peggy Sue’s restaurant is a typical American diner and is located in Josep Puig i Cadafalch street, 26, very close to the Pollancreda park. Its decoration and ambiance will make you travel through time and take you back to the 60’s, you will honestly feel like you are inside a movie.

Their motto is “Burgers handmade with Love“, so you can imagine what they specialize in. But in addition to their incredible handmade burgers, you can find within their menu several typical American dishes. Like Peggy’s ribs, which are nothing more and nothing less than pork ribs dipped in barbecue sauce and Crazy Charlie’s, the classic hot dogs

The Ranch Smokehouse

If you want to delight yourself with some good smoked meat dishes, The Ranch Smokehouse is undoubtedly the right place. It is located in Ronda Universidad street, 20, a few meters from Plaza de Cataluña. And it will be easy for you to locate it because the site is quite large. Once inside you will be able to appreciate its decoration, which maintains the typical touches of the classic Smokehouse.

As we have mentioned, they specialize in smoked meat, cooked at low temperature with American oak wood. That is why their hamburgers, ribs and even their nachos, which come with boneless ribs, have a special touch. But their star dishes are the briket croquettes and the smoked chicken wings, praised by everyone who visits the place. You can’t miss them!

Foster’s Hollywood

It is an all-time classic, as Foster’s Hollywood was the first U.S.-style restaurant chain to arrive in Spain. And today it represents the restaurant par excellence to enjoy this type of cuisine in Barcelona. It has 18 branches in this city, so it is very likely that you will run into one wherever you are.

All of the brand’s stores maintain the same typical U.S. aesthetic. While in their menu you can find delicious burgers, grilled meats and ribs. As well as tex mex food and even different types of salads. If you haven’t been there yet, don’t miss this classic.

Coco Vail

Coco Vail is located at Carrer d’Aragó, 284, almost reaching Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona. This restaurant maintains a relaxed, warehouse-style décor with a California flair.

At Coco Vail they specialize in chicken wings and you can find 16 different types on their menu. Among which are the classic barbecue or buffalo, but also other new and innovative recipes, very tempting. In addition to their wings you can enjoy delicious sandwiches, such as the typical philly cheese steak, with slow-cooked beef, parmesan cheese, caramelized onions and jalapenos. Or Pulled Pork, made with slow-cooked ribs bathed in barbecue sauce. And as if this were not enough, you can also opt for their hamburgers or the Hawaiian coconut pokes. The latter are bowls where you can combine the carbohydrate of your choice with a type of salad. Without a doubt, a place you will love!


Our last recommendation is Brunch&Bakery, a place located at Carrer de Deu i Mata, 52, right on Diagonal Alta, behind L’Illa shopping center. The ambience of this restaurant is amazing, with a vintage style reversioned. Where you will feel very comfortable and you will want to take lots of pictures, as the place looks like something out of a fairy tale.

While in its menu you will find sweet and savory dishes. These include hamburgers, bagels and sandwiches, as well as pancakes and smoothies. Another valuable fact is that every day they have a new dish!

We have reached the end of this culinary journey of American restaurants. If you want to learn more about the culture of the United States, be sure to read our next USA Curiosa articles. Discover them in our blog!


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