Who we are

Meet the team

A multicultural human group with extensive experience in education, great values, ​​and natives in the use of the English language.


An international team of teachers, highly qualified and committed to teaching.

Ms. Alison MacDonald

School Principal

Ms. Amy Lehmann

Early Years, G1 to G6 Coordinator

Mr. Eduardo Torrecillas

Ib DP & Cognia Coordinator
G8 Homeroom Teacher

Ms. Cristina Roca

Middle School Coordinator
G9 Homeroom Teacher

Ms. Maribel Marín

High School Coordinator
G12 Homeroom Teacher

Mr. Xavier Soler

IT Coordinator
G11 Homeroom Teacher

Ms. Paqui Sabidó

PK1-PK2 Teacher

Ms. Beatriz Vera

PK1-PK2 Teacher

Ms. Nadia Kirwan

PK3 Homeroom Teacher

Ms. Rebecca Heyes

PK4 Homeroom Teacher

Ms. Petra Stehle

Kinder Homeroom Teacher

Ms. Rosa Argermí

Early & Elementary Teacher

Ms. Martha Bernal

G1 Homeroom Teacher

Ms. Rebecca Willerth

G2 Homeroom Teacher

Mr. Guillermo Barragán

G3 Homeroom Teacher

Mr. Jesse Caro

G4 Homeroom Teacher

Ms. Liliam Farias

G5 Homeroom Teacher

Mr. Luke Woodcock

G6 Homeroom Teacher

Ms. Maribel Arranz

Elementary Teacher

Ms. Laura Pérez

Elementary & Middle School Teacher

Mr. Richard Michael

G7 Homeroom Teacher

Mr. José González

G10 Homeroom Teacher

Ms. Rosa Torras

Middle & High School Teacher

Mr. Miguel Clemente

Middle and High School Teacher

Ms. Alicia Amate

Middle and High School Teacher

Ms. Marta Manso

Middle and High School Teacher

Mr. Joan Dalmases

High School Teacher

Mr. Rodolfo Vera

PE Teacher

Ms. Natalia Brzewska

Music Teacher

Mr. Celestino Picazo

Music Teacher

Ms. Glória Casanovas

Music Teacher

Ms. Sol Stankeviciute

Arts Teacher

Ms. Eva Alabau

English Teacher

Ms. Brigitte Muñiz

French Teacher

Ms. Florencia Blas

Students Learning & Counseling Support

Ms. Aleksandra Semaan

SSCS Coordinator

Ms. Cuca Llambés

Office Assistant

Mr. Sergio Montoro

Services & maintenance

Ms. Yolanda Moral


Ms. Jessica Rodríguez

PA Health & Safety Officer

Dr. William R. Naugle

External Curriculum Advisor