Nursery school in English (Pre School) private international school Gresol

GResol kids

Educación Infantil colegio privado internacional Gresol

Single line

Educación Infantil colegio privado americano Gresol


Educación Infantil colegio internacional privado Gresol

English Immersion

Educación Infantil colegio internacional americano Gresol

Musical project

We care for babies in English and in a privileged environment with an international method taught at the nursery school.

Gresol Kids guarderia en ingles cerca Barcelona

Gresol Kids (Pre-School)
in English

Gresol Kids arises from the commitment of Gresol International-American School to expand its project in the 1 to 2 years old age group, promoting multilingualism and creative development from the time they are babies.

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Artistic awareness

We promote not setting limits to children's creativity and imagination. Through art, we encourage our students' motor, linguistic, cognitive, social and emotional development.

Inmersion en Ingles

Native English

English is the vehicular language of our center and is part of the daily routine of the children. We have native tutors to prepare our children to be multilingual and integrate English as one of their mother tongues.

Enfoque Internacional

Learning by doing

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn. Benjamin Franklin perfectly defines, with one of his most famous quotes on education, how experiences are key to developing an understanding of the world around them. Children learn by exploring their environment, manipulating materials, touching, feeling.

1 profesor cada 9 alumnos

Musical sensitivity

Music is one of our fundamental pillars because we believe that it must be present in the awakening of the senses and emotions. It is taught by teachers with a higher degree in music and with extensive experience in the 0-3 stage.

Rodeados de naturaleza


We work on psychomotor skills from multiple perspectives, ensuring that the child is permanently stimulated. In this way, we develop the motor, expressive and creative possibilities of the children.

Instrumento, natacion e idiomas

Psycho-pedagogical Department

Professionals with specific training in the area of child development, key to analyze the evolutionary development of children, guide families and talk to parents and take care of early stimulation.

1 profesor cada 9 alumnos

Reception service

The reception service makes it possible to extend the stay in the nursery beyond school hours, in the morning (from 8 to 9 a.m.). The service can be used on a fixed or one-time basis.

Rodeados de naturaleza

Own kitchen

Nutritionally balanced menus. We attend cases that require special diets due to food intolerance (gluten-free, lactose-free, etc...).

Instrumento, natacion e idiomas

Natural surroundings

We are a school with one of the best areas to watch a baby grow up. We are surrounded by nature and without the pollution of the big cities.

Our Pre-School Child Care program covers:

Multilingualism in nursery schools

It is known that children who are initiated early in multilingualism show an improvement in neural connections from the first years of their lives. For this reason, in their later academic career they show greater facility in switching from one language to another or in performing better in some mental ability tasks. Aware of the importance of starting this stimulation from the first days of the baby’s life, we are committed to extend our project to the first years of life.

Gresol Kids guarderia en ingles