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Changing your children's future is just a click away.

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Only for fathers and mothers who want a different life project for their children.

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Frequently asked questions about Gresol

These are some of the common questions and answers from parents about our school.

The monthly tuition for GRESOL International-American School students, depending on the course, ranges from 630 to 693 euros, to which must be added the 195 euros for the canteen service,
which is compulsory
. This means that it would cost less than 900 euros per month, to which should be added other services, if necessary, such as school transportation (between 65 and 150 euros per month, depending on the route) and extracurricular activities.

At GRESOL International-American School we have open enrollment all year round, as long as there are places available in the required course. In many cases, international schools are chosen by students from outside the country, such as the sons and daughters of employees of international companies or embassies, organizations that are highly mobile and may require enrollment at any time. Local students attending centers such as GRESOL International-American School also benefit from this.