Sports program

We encourage students to develop their best abilities in sports practice.

Sport, respect and responsibility

The recreational sports program supports Gresol’s core values of growth, community, integrity and caring by fostering character development, teamwork, sportsmanship, responsibility and a sense of fairness and respect.

Mr. Rudy Vera responsable actividades deportivas Gresol colegio privado internacional americano

Sports activities for all ages

We offer the best options for sports development from Pk3 to Grade-12 in a wide range of individual and team sports. Sports offered include baseball, soccer, volleyball, track and field and swimming, among others.

Teachers committed to sports

Mr. Edu Torrecillas

Profesor de fútbol americano

Mr. Guillermo Barragan

Profesor de Fútbol de Gresol

Mr. Celestino Picazo

Profesor de Beisbol de Gresol

Mr. Rudy Vera (Volleyball)

Profesor de Volleyball de Gresol

One of the best sports and extra-curricularoffers

At Gresol we offer one of the best sports and extracurricular activities that a school can offer.

Visit the Gresol Extracurricular Activities page or download the catalog to learn more.

The importance of sports

Sports are essential to GRESOL International-American School and a pillar of our educational system. Physical exercise is essential for the best development, both physical and mental, of our students and, therefore, we dedicate time, enthusiasm and effort to offer the best activities and all the facilities so that everyone can enjoy them.

Gresol colegio internacional americano privado Terrassa Sabadell actividades deportivas
Gresol Actividades deportivas para todas las edades respeto escolar

Good sports citizens

The practice of sports implies living and growing up with a series of essential values to form good citizens, such as teamwork, discipline and the spirit of self-improvement. In order to extract the maximum benefit from physical practice, Gresol has first class facilities, attended and adapted for our students and for different sports, such as soccer, baseball, dance, or soccer.