History and milestones

Brief explanation of our history and some milestones we have achieved

The dream began in the summer of 2016 when GRESOL International American School was born.

In July 2016 the former Gresol school was purchased by a private Spanish group with extensive experience in the education sector to convert a traditional school into one of the international private schools of reference.

The group, which to date has managed more than 30 educational centers around the world, always dreamed of creating a school where English would be the main language of instruction and implementing all the knowledge acquired throughout its history to leave a vital educational legacy without precedent.

GRESOL International American School was born.

colegio del mundo ib gresol

GRESOL becomes an authorized IB World School for the Diploma Program. Accreditation on May 29, 2019.

cognia gresol

GRESOL School is accredited by COGNIA, a world leader in certifying educational institutions seeking excellence, on February 10, 2020.
COGNIA serves more than 36,000 institutions in over 85 countries worldwide and educates more than 25 million students.de 36.000 instituciones en más de 85 países de todo el mundo y educa a más de 25 millones de estudiantes.

historia gresol school

GRESOL becomes an accredited center to take the Oxford Test of English, the A2-B1-B2 English level certification exam.


First graduating class of students of the International IB Diploma Program.


new families join the project on average every year.

+ 0

different nationalities among teachers

0 %

of native teachers


ratio of 1 teacher per 9 students on average


foreign students (American, English, Russian, Chinese, etc.)


a single line per course with personalized attention

Sport is fundamental for GRESOL, a pillar in our educational system.

Physical exercise is essential for the best development, both physical and mental, of our students and, therefore, we dedicate time, enthusiasm and effort to offer the best activities and all the facilities so that everyone can enjoy them.

The practice of sports implies living and growing up with a series of values that are essential to form good citizens, such as teamwork, discipline and the spirit of self-improvement.

Segunda posicion en el campeonato infantil de Catalunya de Voleibol Gresol
Educación física Gresol escuela privada infantil Barcelona
deportes gresol school
historia e hitos gresol

GRESOL students have achieved great success, supporting them in their studies while competing at the highest national and international level.

Gresol Rays college baseball team wins championship
Gresol futbol infantil en el colegio americano del Valles

1st and 2nd

Our children's soccer teams achieve great results
deportes gresol international school

Second in the children's final of the national volleyball championship of Catalonia

Daniel Cabré, student of the first IB class of Gresol, runner-up in the Europe Class.

Music matters to us

At Gresol we give importance to music and we encourage the skills and knowledge it gives us.

We work on an initial musical base in the first years of training so that each student can later reinforce his or her knowledge with extracurricular classes.

Gresol aprender musica en ingles en primaria