Dining room

We take care of our students' nutrition in detail, with the best professionals and natural foods of the highest quality.

Top quality nutrition

At GRESOL International-American School we encourage healthy eating for our students, and focus on providing great tasting foods for them to enjoy and explore.

Gresol offers a menu based on fresh, quality and proximity products to promote healthy and nutritious habits without sacrificing good taste. We have designed it according to the age and special needs of the students in terms of food (intolerances and allergies).

servicio de comedor para estudiantes gresol school

Staff specialized in food school

A good, healthy, balanced diet is essential for growth, development, protection from disease and energy to study, learn and be physically active.

Educación Infantil colegio privado americano Gresol

Menu regularly prepared

Adapted menu to intolerances and allergies

Educación Infantil colegio internacional americano Gresol

Elaborated menu with ingredients seasonal stores

Separate and exclusive schooling

Good eating habits

Good eating habits at school are fundamental in determining what eating behavior will be like in adulthood. It is necessary to instill good habits and the importance of good nutrition for health. With this in mind, we work at GRESOL International-American School, where nutrition has the priority role it deserves.


Gresol Dining Room Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the common questions and answers from parents interested in our school’s dining room service.

The diet provided to the students is a varied, balanced diet made up of local foods. School menus are reviewed by expert nutritionists who ensure that the diet is adequate for the proper development of our students.

Evidently. We have an in-house kitchen and allergies and intolerances are taken into account when preparing the food on a daily basis.