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Unique and different like our students

The immersion in English in our school is one of our most tangible differentiating factors, but we have many more, such as the subjects we teach, the methodology used, the union of different cultures among the whole community, the environment, the atmosphere, the families, the facilities…


Advantages of
Gresol Method

As a Cognia accredited school with an international IB curriculum, we work on critical thinking, encourage participation and apply methods such as learning by doing among other methodologies.

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Total immersion in English

metodo gresol international school

Native and local teachers

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School Size: Students Approach-Support

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First-class indoor and outdoor facilities

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Excellent sports and artistic programs

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Learning-by-doing approach

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Location in an exclusive natural environment

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International environment

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We are committed to technology, science and multiple intelligences.


Frequently asked questions about the Gresol Method

These are some of the common questions and answers from parents about our method.

At the earliest ages, students develop their basic skills as they explore the world around them. We offer activities that encompass all aspects of children’s learning: language and literacy, cognitive and creative skills, performing and visual arts, social and emotional development.

In Primary, we encourage students to communicate effectively, to be critical thinkers, to cooperate and collaborate constructively, in a welcoming environment. The educational approach is based on the idea of student-centered learning, awakening the student’s curious mind. Educational experiences are engaging, relevant, challenging and meaningful to the school community. In Elementary, the curriculum is aligned with US Common Core and tailored to the needs of our students English (ELA); Visual and Performing Arts; Personal, Social, Emotional and Physical Education; Science; Social Studies; Mathematics.

With the arts, we provide our students with different opportunities to explore, play, investigate, experiment with ideas, materials and processes. Therefore, by developing an awareness of the arts, they appreciate both the creative experiences and the environment.

GRESOL offers an Advanced Music Program. Our teachers have advanced degrees in music and the arts. Elementary students receive instruction on a classical instrument, which provides them with self-discipline, appreciation of effort, order, precision and cultural sensitivity for the arts. In addition, we offer different musical extracurricular activities to deepen their learning.

At GRESOL International-American School we are committed to STEAM education. It is a discipline that proposes interdisciplinary projects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), taking advantage of the common elements among these subjects. With this, students will acquire taste and knowledge about basic and key concepts and disciplines for the globalized and technological world in which we find ourselves. Not only will they continue to learn English, but they will master the language of the 21st century: technology.

The International Homeroom Service is a support program whose main objective is to integrate new students into our school community. Our focus is on developing basic interpersonal communication skills in English and Spanish to support them until they are ready to join regular classes.

The recreational sports program supports the school’s core values of growth, community, integrity and caring by fostering character development, teamwork, sportsmanship, responsibility and a sense of fairness and respect. We aim to offer appropriate avenues for sports development from Pk3 to G12 with a wide range of individual and team sports, all in unbeatable facilities. Our students practice soccer, baseball, volleyball, basketball and swimming. In addition, our baseball team, the GRESOL Rays, plays in the Catalan League.

At GRESOL International-American School we have teachers from the United States, the Commonwealth and other countries who bring diversity, multiculturalism, and help students practice and reinforce the tones of English. At GRESOL we have one of the highest percentages of native teachers compared to other international schools. You can visit our team section to meet all the staff.

A perfect command of the English language is not necessary. At an early age, just having some knowledge of English is enough, but by high school they need to be able to read texts and express themselves with relative ease.

Since all subjects are taught in English (except Spanish and Catalan), if they are not proficient in English, this can be detrimental to their learning of the different disciplines.