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Educación Infantil colegio privado internacional Gresol

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Educación Infantil colegio privado americano Gresol


Educación Infantil colegio internacional privado Gresol

English Immersion

Educación Infantil colegio internacional americano Gresol

Musical project

At Gresol we work to offer quality education at this stage, in conditions of equity and with the guarantee of equal opportunities.

We encourage students to communicate, to be critical thinkers and to cooperate.

The educational approach is based on the idea of student-centered learning, awakening the student’s curious mind. Therefore, the educational experiences are engaging, relevant, challenging and meaningful to the school community.

In elementary school, the curriculum is aligned with the U.S. Common Core curriculum. and is tailored to the needs of our students: English (ELA); Visual and Performing Arts; Personal, Social, Emotional and Physical Education; Science; Social Studies; Mathematics.

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At Gresol, the private American international school in Vallès, we train people for life and for life.

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Student support

Supporting children to be aspirational and providing them with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to achieve their goals and develop their talents.

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Exciting learning opportunities

We provide children with exciting opportunities that enable us to develop students into independent, resilient and confident learners.
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Lifetime students

Through our curriculum and teaching, we focus on inspiring our children to learn, equipping them with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to be lifelong, independent learners and learners.

Separate and exclusive schooling

Certainly one of your best decisions as parents

The Gresol project is a life project that aims to accompany students in the essential education to have a life project worthy of a special education.


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the common questions and answers from parents interested in primary education at our school.

At Gresol we understand music as another language. From the age of 3, students have music and orchestra classes, with the possibility of learning to play an instrument in group classes and through extracurricular activities.

No. It is part of the physical education course for students from 3 years old to 7 years old.

Primary Education Program

English Language (ELA)

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Social Studies

Asignatura Castellano Gresol International American School escuela internacional americana


Asignatura Catalan Gresol International American School escuela internacional americana



Arts Program

Gresol proyecto musical escuela privada internacional


Gresol Race competition actividades deportivas

Physical Education

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Community time

Team of Primary School teachers

Ms. Amy Lehmann

Elementary Coordinator

Mr. Celestino Picazo

Music Orquesta / Piano

Ms. Gloria Casanovas

Music Orquesta / Viola

Ms. Rosa Argemí

Early Speacialist Teacher

Ms. Natalia Brzewska

Music Orquesta / Violin

Ms. Martha Bernal

G1 Tutor

Ms. Rebecca Willerth

G2 Tutor

Mr. Guillermo Barragan

G3 Tutor

Ms. Megan Johnson

Ms. Eleonora Palomeque

G5 Tutor

Ms. Maribel Arranz

Elementary Specialist Teacher

Ms. Johanna Mittilä