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Our Uniforms

Main uniform

From PK-3 to 4th ESO

  • White short sleeve polo shirt
  • Long sleeve white polo shirt
  • Gray Bermuda shorts (children)
  • Gray pants (children)
  • Plaid skirt (girls)
  • School gown
  • School jacket
  • Black school shoes
  • Gresol backpack (optional)
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Sports uniform

From PK-3 to 4th ESO

  • Navy PE tracksuit
  • White short sleeve PE T-shirt
  • Long sleeve white PE T-shirt
  • Navy PE shorts
  • White sneakers

School gown

PK-2 through Grade 10

Art is essential in our curriculum, so is encouraging play with the elements of nature and contact with the ground and other subjects, so from the youngest to the oldest, school robes are used occasionally in the older ones and on a regular basis in the younger classes.

Uniformes colegio privado americano Gresol
Gresol Grays Beisbol campeones

Equipment for extracurricular activities

There are many sports that we practice in Gresol and for this we use equipment according to our corporate image and the technical needs of the specific sport.


We have swimsuits for boys and girls to practice swimming as the big family that we are.

Bañador_niña_Gresol International American School
Bañador_niño_Gresol International American School