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The name says it all

From different cultures and ways of thinking, we train our students who study at GRESOL International American School

Gresol escuela privada en Ingles en Terrassa Barcelona internacional americana

Harmony, respect and tolerance

Gresol in Spanish Crisol, is a term that indicates that people, regardless of their beliefs, traditions or origins, live together in harmony and with respect for others and tolerance as main values.


The term is often used to represent the way in which heterogeneous societies gradually become homogeneous societies, in which the ingredients mixed in the “melting pot” (people of different cultures, ethnicities and religions) combine to form a multiethnic society.

Vida en Gresol escuela en ingles en Terrassa Barcelona
Why enroll my children in Gresol International American School?

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GRESOL offers a first class curriculum and facilities. Barcelona is a wonderful city, a fantastic place to learn and develop. However, like any big city, it can have its drawbacks. Therefore, the facilities of GRESOL International-American School are located in Terrassa, near Barcelona (30 minutes), and in a privileged environment where students enjoy a quiet and relaxed atmosphere for study, but with excellent communications.

The after-school program offers a wide variety of activities, from kindergarten through high school: sports, music, dance, languages and technology. Our activities are designed to inspire students, enhance learning, develop skills and foster new friendships. The activities are taught by teachers of the school together with professional specialists, for a better complementary development of the school activity.

We are an international school with a global vision, offering a broad and balanced international curriculum through English immersion. We believe that our students should be actively involved in their own learning. We focus on developing our students socially and academically as global citizens. We inspire our students to be lifelong learners, and to contribute positively to a diverse and changing world.

As a school we hold the prestigious COGNIA and International Baccalaureate (IB) accreditations. COGNIA recognition is based on a rigorous set of research-based standards and evidence-based criteria. In addition, we have links with educational centers in the USA. and the United Kingdom. Our students and teachers have, on a regular basis, the opportunity to meet and collaborate online on a regular basis throughout the school year with international students, so that they can further develop their English proficiency, multicultural interrelationships and presentation skills.

We educate the student in an integral way, through a supportive classroom culture. We focus not only on cognitive development, but on the four areas of development: emotional, cognitive, physical and social.

The mission of Gresol International-American School is to develop curious, knowledgeable and caring individuals with a strong work ethic and empathy for others. Our students are open-minded and promote honesty, integrity and respect. In turn, they become responsible citizens who create a better world as active agents of our society.

We offer all education at all ages. The youngest students are 1 year old and our older students completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma in Grade 12.

As a school, we follow the US Common Core State Standards, while ensuring that our students also meet the ESO requirements in Grade 10 by offering Catalan and Spanish language from an early age. The US Common Core State Standards promote student independence in learning. They learn how to construct effective arguments, convey information, ask relevant questions and seek resources. The US Common Core State Standards prepare all students for college and career success.

At GRESOL, quality is more important than quantity. We have the perfect student ratio, always under 20, to be able to offer a personalized and student-centered teaching.

GRESOL offers its families different school bus routes to facilitate the arrival of its students to the school. The routes have been designed to cover as much territory as possible and offer the best service.

In essence, through its programs, the IB encourages students of all ages to think critically and challenge assumptions, thereby creating knowledgeable and caring young people who are motivated to succeed.

Our school’s mission and vision emulates that of the International Baccalaureate with the goal of developing students who respect and coexist with other cultures while building self-confidence. As a school community, we have a set of values based on mutual trust and shared responsibility, combined with a strong work ethic. Our students show honesty, integrity and respect with an open mind that allows them to become responsible citizens and create a better future for themselves.

All of the skills developed throughout the IB program help students become more prepared to succeed at the university level. In addition, due to the fact that the IB is recognized worldwide, they may have a better chance of being accepted to the university of their choice.

Gresol has facilities of approximately 3 hectares surrounded by an idyllic environment in the middle of nature. We have a unique location, views of the surrounding mountains and forests. Both teachers and students take advantage of the environment, which provides a unique and enriching experience; teaching and learning take place both inside and outside the school, ensuring a safe and healthy environment. We are located in a natural park, next to La Mola, which offers ample green space, guaranteeing a safe environment for our students.

We are the only school in the area with recognition as a foreign center and we also have an international management, with extensive experience in several countries. Our professors come from all over the world and form the backbone of our international community. They are as unique as our students; all of which provides a wealth of international experience and knowledge. Our curriculum utilizes world-renowned research-based pedagogical practice.