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At Gresol, the private American international school in Vallés, we train people for life and for life.

We educate in the language of the WORLD

English Education

We are your international school whose premise is based on English immersion, a global vision and the promotion of scientific, technological and artistic knowledge.

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We want you to experience GRESOL first hand and we will be happy to show you the school and explain the project.

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Una sola linea por curso

Single line per course

At GRESOL we know all students by name, their particularities and faculties to work on and enhance.
We are one big family.

Inmersion en Ingles

English Immersion

The school's educational project is based on English immersion, global vision, multicultural thinking and the promotion of multiple intelligences.

Enfoque Internacional

International Focus

Gresol as an American international school has an international orientation and we educate on the basis of the American International Baccalaureate.

1 profesor cada 9 alumnos

Ratio teacher student 1:9

Classes are small and we admit a maximum of 20 students per course, in order to maintain the quality we set in our roadmap.

Rodeados de naturaleza

Living surrounded by nature

Gresol is located in an ideal place to study and develop while living in a spectacular natural environment. In addition, parking is easy.

Instrumento, natacion e idiomas

Music, swimming and languages

Our students learn to swim, different sports disciplines, musical language and a minimum of 4 languages in their initial ages.

Cultivating the best talent


new families join the project on average every year.

+ 0

different nationalities among teachers

0 %

of teachers with international experience


foreign students (American, English, Russian, Chinese, etc.)

Learning by doing and experimentation

Learning by doing and experimenting

In Gresol we aim to help our students to enhance their talents through methodologies such as “Learning by Doing“,“Project Based Learning” (based on projects), learning through experience and not memorization .

Gresol Escuela en Ingles en Terrassa Barcelona
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13:44 18 Jul 22
Buscábamos para nuestros tres hijos, un colegio que ofreciera un curriculum internacional Americano y óptimas instalaciones deportivas. Clases reducidas, un porcentaje muy alto de profesorado y alumnos internacionales dentro de un entorno natural y familiar. Nuestra valoración después de tres años en el colegio es excelente.
Isabel MartinIsabel Martin
12:19 16 May 21
Trabajé como profesora de secundaria en GRESOL durante un trimestre y la verdad es que, al margen de problemas comunes a todos los centros que se vieron potenciados por la pandemia, tuve una experiencia positiva.El ambiente es bueno, aunque el volumen de trabajo es muy elevado. El claustro de secundaria es atento y se preocupa por el alumnado. Además, el currículum se adapta y amolda a necesidades concretas de alumnos.
Dani SalaDani Sala
16:26 06 Sep 19
Un excelente equipo docente, de múltiples nacionalidades, y una gran apuesta por la educación en artes y ciencias. Recientemente ha obtenido la certificación de Bachillerato Internacional.
Yo la he llevado este año, de momento muy contenta con el proyecto y con la profesora. Tenía buenas referencias de otros alumnos y además había leído mas opiniones en otras webs (buscocolegio). Decir que el proyecto ha cambiado hace un par de años por lo que puede haber opiniones negativas de antes del cambio. Estoy teniendo muy buena impresión, calidad en la educación, cercanía. Inmersión lingüistica en inglés, aprenden música como en conservatorio, segundo idioma alemán..etc.. Por ahora todo positivo.
Ana OrtizAna Ortiz
21:09 07 Apr 18
Escogimos este colegio porque buscabamos un colegio que ofreciera metodo educativo, clases en ingles, curriculum internacional e instalaciones. Gresol nos ofrece esto y mas. Clases reducidas, entorno natural y mucha musica. Como en todos los colegios, hay cositas a mejorar pero la direccion esta abierta a escuchas a las familias y esto no abunda en los colegios privados. Colegio muy recomendable e indispensable visitar por todas aquellas familias del Valles que quieran una educacion de calidad para sus hijos.
Gresol colegio internacional americano privado en ingles en Barcelona

"We work every day to make GRESOL the project of life for the children and parents who make up our big family".

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Agreements, Arrangements and Collaborations

We believe that addition multiplies

We have different agreements and collaborations that allow our teachers and students a wider range of learning possibilities.

colegio del mundo ib gresol
Hacu acuerdo Gresol escuela privada internacional americana
Clarion University acuerdo Gresol escuela privada internacional americana
Universidad de La Rioja acuerdo Gresol escuela privada internacional americana Barcelona
Universidad de Leon acuerdo Gresol escuela privada internacional americana
Why choose GRESOL?

Let's create a better future for your children.

Today’s companies are looking for talent, commitment and different people who stand out against the huge competition of qualified resumes.

Gresol students are already different because when they finish their studies they master English perfectly, leadership, effort, teamwork, involvement, music and other skills that make them stand out from other options. 

International Baccalaureate

Thanks to the International Baccalaureate program, our students will have access to the most prestigious universities around the world having developed their skills to the maximum.

Multiple Intelligences

We focus on a more personalized education that helps each student discover their strengths and cultivate their motivation.

Quality versus quantity

We are a school with a single line and few students per class, which allows us a great personalization and monitoring of students to enhance their talents.

Life Gresol colegio privado internacional americano
Part of the gresol staff

We are open to talent

We want to build the best team. If you share GRESOL’s values and have extensive experience in international teaching, we are open to hear from you.


Frequently Asked Questions about GRESOL International-American School

These are some of the common questions and answers from parents interested in our American international private school.

It is a secular school with an international and American curriculum, whose educational project is based on the premise of immersion in English. It is a private school, with a global vision and multicultural thinking, that promotes knowledge in the arts, sciences, music and technology.

GRESOL International-American School is part of an international platform of projects that expands our vision and internationalizes it. A project that will be strengthened and consolidated thanks to the achievements of the entire GRESOL team and families.

We are accredited by:

-. COGNIA, the world leader in certifying educational institutions that strive for excellence. COGNIA serves more than 36,000 institutions in over 85 countries worldwide, educating more than 25 million students.

-. and by ib, a prestigious and recognized worldwide organization, based in Geneva, which articulates and regulates a single standard curriculum for all schools, regardless of where they are located.

Its curriculum is recognized by most of the world’s universities, allowing students who obtain the ib DP direct access without the need for prior official university entrance exams.

In addition, we have become the first international school in Spain to sign a cooperation agreement with PennWest Pennsylvania University (formerly Clarion University of Pennsylvania), one of the best universities in education and pedagogy in the United States.

A 100% English immersion education means that the language of instruction for most subjects is English. Logically, other languages are taught at GRESOL: Catalan as the language of Catalonia, Spanish as the language of Spain as a whole, and French and German as the fourth and fifth languages.

English as a foreign language is taught in all public and charter schools, as well as in many elite schools.

At GRESOL, English is the central and vehicular language for almost all subjects. For example, math classes are taught in English by a native teacher, science classes are taught in English, and physical education classes are taught in English. GRESOL students do not learn English, they learn IN English. For them, English is the language of daily expression, they will think in English in the same way that, in Catalonia, they already think in Catalan or Spanish when they use one language or the other.

At the earliest ages, students develop their basic skills as they explore the world around them. We offer activities that encompass all aspects of children’s learning: language and literacy, cognitive and creative skills, performing and visual arts, social and emotional development.

In Primary, we encourage students to communicate effectively, to be critical thinkers, to cooperate and collaborate constructively, in a welcoming environment. The educational approach is based on the idea of student-centered learning, awakening the student’s curious mind. Educational experiences are engaging, relevant, challenging and meaningful to the school community. In Elementary, the curriculum is aligned with US Common Core and adapted to the needs of our students.

English (ELA); Visual and Performing Arts; Personal, Social, Emotional and Physical Education; Science; Social Science; Mathematics.

Yes, indeed. In Catalonia we have a very easy way of understanding it: English will be like Spanish for a Catalan speaker, or like Catalan for any Catalan who usually speaks Spanish. For a GRESOL student, the facility to switch languages and communicate in English will be the same as in the two official languages of Catalonia. This generates a wealth of opportunities for the future.

Studies confirm that good use of languages, preferably English, is one of the skills most sought after by companies today. Even more so, considering the new paradigm that lies ahead of us, in which English will be essential.

From 0 to 3 years of age, the brain is in the process of developing and maturing, and this is the most intensive period in the acquisition of speech and language skills. That is why more and more parents are investing in their children’s future by enrolling them in a school with 100% English language immersion from kindergarten, or even earlier. If it can be from kindergarten, so much the better.

There are more than 7,000 different languages spoken in the world, according to the publication ‘Ethnologue’. And among them, the official language spoken in the most countries is English, with 59. Therefore, learning languages improves communication and relationships between people, in addition to stimulating our brain. That is why the more languages you learn, the better. In addition, adding languages to a child’s native language, no matter how young, does not interfere with learning. Children can learn two, three, even four languages from an early age, which will favor their predisposition and ease of learning more.

In addition to English, the language of instruction at GRESOL International-American School, classes are also taught in Catalan, as the language of Catalonia; Spanish, as the language of Spain as a whole; and there is also the option of studying French and German, as the fourth and fifth languages.

As an international school, GRESOL prioritizes teaching in English, with 100% immersion in the language. But GRESOL does not forget, logically, Catalan and Spanish.

An international school is one that promotes international education, in an international environment, either by adopting a curriculum such as the International Baccalaureate or by following a national curriculum different from that of the school’s country of residence. In our case, we offer two options: graduating with the International Baccalaureate and/or the National Baccalaureate. And, all of this, studying in English without the need to leave Spain.

An international and American school such as GRESOL International-American School offers not only language teaching and practice, but also a deeper learning, for more and better understanding, and with a different skill development. For this it is essential to be immersed in the language, beyond studying it a few hours a week in an academy.