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Why are we an American international school?

International recognition

The American curriculum is recognized worldwide and many of the leading international companies prefer to select personnel for positions of responsibility with a first-class educational background.

Reconocimiento internacional

Subjects designed to form well-rounded students

The American Curriculum or also known as the American curriculum contemplates the knowledge of subjects such as English, literature, history, geography, mathematics, science and art, which allows the curriculum to be adapted to individual particularities.

We enhance what the student excels at

The American curriculum is based on detecting those skills and attitudes in which the student excels, and enhancing them to bring out the best version of him or her.

Gresol Beisbol Colegio Americano en Barcelona de Terrassa

Sport, music, art and science are fundamental pillars

At Gresol we encourage the study of subjects that are not taught in other more traditional curriculums. At the same time, we are committed to the practice of sports as one of the axes of projection of the values we promote.

Incorporating the best traditions of the USA

Working in teams, by projects, by objectives or encouraging leadership and competitiveness are aspects that we incorporate from American styles.

Gresol Grays Beisbol campeones
Musica en ingles en la escuela privada internacional GRESOL

Musical knowledge

In our school, students can learn to play an instrument and even participate in the orchestra.

Preparation for life

It is one of our mottos Education For Life but and captures the essence of the American curriculum in which we prepare students not only for college but for life by fostering creativity, critical thinking and social skills.

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Welcome Family

Families are very important to the Gresol community.

We have families and teachers from more than 30 different countries.

The cultural richness is extraordinary.